How do I complain about a CAS worker?

Complain in writing to CAS

You can complain in writing to the (CAS). You must use the Formal Complaint To A Society’s Internal Complaints Review Panel (ICRP) form.

The form has some examples of the types of complaint that you might have. For example, you can say if you feel that CAS discriminated against you, or if you were not given the chance to have your concerns heard about services you wanted.

There's also a box for you to describe your complaint. You should include as much information as possible. For example, include:

  • what you're complaining about
  • the date, time, and place of the situation you're complaining about
  • the full names of any CAS workers you're complaining about
  • the names and contact information for any other people who were present and saw what happened

You may also include what you want to happen to solve your complaint. For example, if you want your CAS worker to respond to your concerns about their suggested services.

You should send your completed form to your local CAS. You can do this in person, by mail, fax, or email. You should keep a copy of your form for your records.

CAS must let you know within 7 days if they plan to review your complaint. They tell you this in writing.

If they don't plan to review your complaint, CAS must tell you why. For example, they might not review your complaint if it's about something that's being decided by the court.

If they plan to review your complaint, CAS asks you to meet with their internal complaint review panel. This meeting usually takes place within 14 days. You can ask to reschedule the meeting. If you do this, the meeting can take place later.

The internal complaint review panel usually includes a CAS manager who hasn't been involved in your file. It also usually includes a person who isn't a CAS worker or manager, but might be involved with CAS in some other way, for example, they may be on their Board of Directors.

You can ask CAS for an interpreter when you meet with them. You can also have a support person come with you, as well as a representative from each of your bands or First Nations, Inuit, or Métis communities.

After you meet with the panel, the panel must give you a decision in writing within 14 days.

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