My bail says no contact with someone. What do I do if they call me?

1. Don’t communicate directly or indirectly

A no contact condition usually says: “Do not communicate directly or indirectly with the following people…”

Direct communication includes talking to someone in person, talking on the phone, sending text message to people, and similar ways of communicating.

The meaning of indirect communication is less obvious. If you post something on social media directed at the person you're not allowed to communicate with, you may be communicating indirectly if that person can see the message.

Indirect communication includes asking friends to give other people messages for you. Do not ask someone else to talk to the person named in the no contact order on your behalf. This is indirect communication. Indirect communication is also not allowed.

A no contact condition usually means that you should not:

  • talk in person
  • talk on the phone
  • send text messages
  • post tweets directed at the person named in the no contact order
  • post Facebook status updates or comments directed at the person named in the no contact order
  • send messages through any social media outlets such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter
  • send emails
  • ask other people to give the person a message

But it is possible to have exceptions to these conditions. Any exception to the standard understanding of a no contact condition must be clearly stated. If there is an exception, make sure that you understand exactly what you can and can't do.

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