1. Get your Crown Screening form

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How can I get my criminal charges dropped?
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1. Get your Crown Screening form

When you're given disclosure for the first time, you may be given a Crown Screening form. The Crown Screening form is also called a Charge Screening form. It tells you how the Crown plans to deal with your charges, including:

This information will help you decide how to deal with your charges.


Diversion is a voluntary way to resolve minor criminal charges. It is also called "direct accountability".

Diversion is the most common way to have criminal charges dropped. If you complete diversion, the Crown will stay or withdraw your charges. You must do the work upfront in exchange for this.

Plea Deal

Sometimes the Crown will offer a "deal" for pleading guilty. This can involve dropping one or more charge if you have multiple charges. It can also involve the Crown agreeing to a particular sentence. But remember the judge makes the final decision. Usually the judge will agree with deals that are made.

Always talk to a lawyer or duty counsel before you decide to plead guilty.

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