1. Learn about crimes involving gender-based violence

Crimes involving gender-based violence are crimes committed against someone because of their gender.

Gender identity is your internal and individual experience that can include you being a woman, a man, both, or something else. Your gender identity might be the same as the one you were assigned at birth or it might be different.

Crimes involving gender-based violence are sometimes committed against an intimate partner, either during the relationship or after it ends. But gender-based violent crimes are not always committed against current or former partners. For example, they can be committed against friends or co-workers.

Anyone can be the victim of a crime involving gender-based violence but girls, women, and gender-diverse people are more likely to experience this kind of crime.

Gender-based crimes are offences under the Criminal Code. Crimes involving gender-based violence can involve:

  • physical violence, such as assault and sexual assault
  • psychological violence, such as offences that involve controlling or manipulative behaviour

These are some of the most common crimes involving gender-based violence:

  • publication of an intimate image without consent
  • criminal harassment
  • assault
  • sexual assault
  • failing to comply with a court order or condition

Some other examples are:

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