How do I change my bail or police undertaking?

2. Complete the Consent Bail Variation form

If the Crown agrees with the change, you and your  can fill out the Application for Consent Bail Variation form and email it to the Crown. The Crown will fill in their part and send the form to the court. It's best to attach a copy of your original document to the Bail Variation form. This avoids any confusion about the terms that you want to change.

The court decides if the changes should be approved. You must follow your original bail conditions until the court emails you an approved form. Or the court might order a  to get more information from you and the Crown about your consent variation. At the hearing, your lawyer can give the court information that shows why your conditions should be changed.

If the Crown doesn't agree to the change, you can apply for a  by a judge in the . Read more about this in Step 3.

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