What are the rules about medicinal cannabis?

2. Decide how you will get your medicinal cannabis

There are 3 ways to get medicinal cannabis. You can:

  • buy it through federally licensed producers
  • grow it yourself, which is called personal production
  • choose someone to grow it for you, which is called designated production

First, you have to register as a medicinal cannabis user and fill out a registration form. The type of registration form you fill out depends on whether you want to buy cannabis from a licensed producer or grow your own cannabis.

To register, send your registration form and your original medical document to:

  • a federally licensed producer of your choice, if want to buy your medicinal cannabis from a licensed producer, or
  • Health Canada, if you want to grow your own cannabis, or choose a person to grow it for you.

Licensed producers have their registration forms on their websites. Health Canada's registration form is also online.

If you want to buy cannabis from a federally licensed producer and grow your own cannabis, you need 2 original medical documents from your healthcare practitioner. You have to attach one to each registration form.

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