How do I make a complaint about the police?

3. File your complaint

If you choose to complete the online complaint form, your complaint will be automatically sent to the Office of the Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD). As soon as you submit the form, you will be given a complaint reference number.

If you choose to download an electronic copy or fill out a paper copy of the form:

  1. Sign the form.
  2. Scan the form.
  3. Fax the form to 416-327-8332, send it by email to, or bring the form to any police station in Ontario.

When the OIPRD receives your complaint, you will be sent a complaint reference number.

The OIRPD will decide which of the following best describes your complaint:

  • policy
  • service
  • conduct complaint

The OIRPD will also decide how best to deal with your complaint.

The OIPRD is legally allowed to dismiss complaints that are:

  • better dealt with under another act or law
  • not important or unbelievable
  • not in the public interest
  • made more than 6 months after the incident

Progress updates

You're entitled to receive updates on your complaint. You'll be told:

  • how your complaint will be dealt with
  • what actions may be taken
  • how decisions will be made

You can also use your complaint reference number to check the status of your complaint.

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