3. Get cannabis from a federally licensed producer

If you decide to buy medicinal cannabis, you have to send your original medical document and your registration form to a federally licensed producer of your choice. Your healthcare provider can also send your medical document to the federally licensed producer directly by secure fax instead.

The Health Canada website has a list of licensed producers.

Once you're registered with a federally licensed producer, they give you access to their online shopping catalogue which lists many different cannabis products including:

  • dried cannabis, including THC, CBD, and hybrid strains
  • cannabis oil (both THC and CBD oil)
  • cannabis seeds and plants

You decide which cannabis product and strain you want to buy.

If you prefer fresh cannabis or cannabis oil, the licensed producer calculates the amount that would be equal to the amount of dried cannabis that your healthcare provider prescribed.

Most licensed producers accept a variety of payment methods such as credit, debit, gift card or Interac e-transfer. Your order is shipped in a plain box and your cannabis comes in childproof bottles.

More than one licensed producer

If you want to get your cannabis from more than one federally licensed producer, you have to send each of them an original medical document and fill out their registration forms. You must also divide the total amount of your prescription between them.

Changing licensed producers

If you want to start buying cannabis from a different federally licensed producer than the one you're registered with, you must:

  • get a new medical document from your healthcare provider
  • cancel your registration with your current licensed producer
  • complete a registration form with your new licensed producer and send them your new medical document or ask your healthcare provider to send it to them by secure fax

Your new licensed producer confirms the information on your registration form. If they find that you're still registered with your current licensed producer for the total amount of your prescription, they won't approve your registration.

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