3. Learn about sentences with a criminal record and jail time

A that requires you to go to jail is called a .

If you get a custodial sentence you will:

  • have a permanent criminal record, and
  • you may be on for up to 3 years.

If your sentence is less than 2 years, you go to a provincial jail called a reformatory. When you serve a sentence in a provincial jail, you're usually released after serving two thirds of your sentence.

If your sentence is longer than 2 years, you go to a federal jail called a penitentiary. When you serve a sentence in a federal jail, you may become eligible for after serving one third of your sentence.

Intermittent sentences

If your sentence is for 90 days or less, you may be able to serve your sentence on weekends. This is called an .

With an intermittent sentence, you must turn yourself in to the jail every Friday at the time indicated on your intermittent sentence order. This is usually 6:00 pm. And at 6:00 am on the following Monday, you will be released back into the community. Each weekend counts as 4 days towards your sentence. You must turn yourself in every Friday until your sentence is completed.

During the weekdays when you're not in , you will have a probation order. While on probation, you may have to follow certain conditions and report to a probation officer regularly.  

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