How do I get my fingerprint records destroyed?

3. Let the waiting period expire

You have to wait the required amount of time before you're eligible to have your fingerprint records destroyed. If you were of a crime, you need to have a before you apply to have your records destroyed (see Step 1).

To find out the waiting period for asking to have your fingerprints and photos destroyed, contact the police force that charged you.

The waiting period depends on how your case was resolved, and where you were charged. For example:

  • If you entered into a , you must wait until the peace bond expires
  • If you received an , you must wait 1 year
  • If you received a you must wait 3 years

Also, each location has a different waiting period. For example, the Toronto Police Service requires you to wait:

  • 5 months after your last court appearance if your charges were or
  • 6 months after any peace bonds have expired
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