Should I sign a peace bond?

4. Understand the conditions of your peace bond

The court can include conditions that you must follow as part of the .

For example, the court can order that:

  • You pay, or promise to pay, money to the court, if you don't follow any of the peace bond conditions.
  • You keep the peace and do not break the law.
  • You do not contact a specific person.
  • You do not visit a specific person.
  • You do not call, text, or send letters to a specific person.
  • You do not have any weapons, ammunition, or explosive substances.
  • You follow any other conditions the court thinks are necessary to prevent further harm.

If you don’t follow the conditions of your peace bond, you can be charged with or . These are both criminal offences. If you're found guilty, you will likely have a criminal record. You may also have to pay any money you promised the court as a security.

Other impacts

A peace bond can also affect your job and travel. A peace bond may stop you from working with vulnerable people. For example, you may not be allowed to work with citizens or children. If you've signed a peace bond, you may have trouble crossing borders into foreign countries.

A lawyer can help you understand how signing a peace bond may affect you.

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