5. Contact an Indigenous organization

Organizations such as Indigenous agencies and Indigenous friendship centres have useful services, supports, and resources. They may have programs, courses, counselling, and other options available for you to help deal with your charges, such as Indigenous or alternative sentencing options.

They may also be able to help you with housing, health services, mental health, and education.

For help locating an organization near you, contact the Indigenous court worker at your courthouse, if there is one.

Indigenous Organizations

In Toronto, Aboriginal Legal Services (ALS) is a great resource for Indigenous people charged with a crime. While ALS does not provide criminal lawyers to represent you in court, ALS does have Indigenous court workers and the Community Council diversion program in Toronto. They also write Gladue Reports in various locations in Ontario.

Outside of Toronto, there are other Indigenous organizations that offer support to Indigenous people charged with a crime. Ask your lawyer or for a referral.

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