What can I do if identity theft happens to me?

2. Talk to your financial institutions

If your identity has been stolen, contact your banks, credit agencies, credit card companies, and any other companies that you have an account with. Tell them about the and show them the police report.

Even if you don't know if your identity has been stolen, but you notice unusual activity or transactions in your bank account, credit card statements or investment accounts, you should let that company know right away.

You may need to change your account numbers and your Personal Identification Numbers (PIN), and get new debit and credit cards. Ask your bank what else you can do to stop the thief from using your bank accounts and credit cards.

These companies may want to be sure that you're actually a victim and not working with the thief. You can show them that you are serious about stopping the thieves by reporting your identity theft to the police and by filling out an Ontario Identity Theft Statement.  

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