How do I get discharged from my bankruptcy?

3. Complete your duties

When you are bankrupt, you have certain duties. Your duties include giving your trustee a statement each month that shows your income and expenses. You might also have to make surplus income payments to the trustee, or arrange for the trustee to sell your . You must complete your duties in order to have your discharged.

The process of bankruptcy ends when the court discharges you from bankruptcy. This means you will no longer have to pay most of your . If you do not complete your duties, you are not likely to get an to end your bankruptcy. Instead, you will probably have to go to court.

The court will decide what you need to do to be discharged from your bankruptcy. For example, you will need to pay any you owe to your trustee before you can be discharged.

Once you are discharged, you don't have to give monthly income statements, make surplus income payments, or report to your trustee anymore.

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