Someone asked me for a credit check. What does this mean?

Decide whether to agree to a credit check

It is your choice whether to let someone get a copy of your . Your decision will depend on whether you think your report would help you get credit, rent an apartment, or get a job.

But, be aware that many places will not do business with you if you refuse to agree to a credit check.

A landlord can also refuse to rent to you, unless you can show that you are able to pay your rent on time. However, they can't use your lack of to discriminate against you. For example, they can't refuse to rent to you because you are too young or too new to Canada to have a credit history.

If you know there might be negative information in your credit check, you should tell the person or company right away. That way, you can explain your situation.

If you know you have a poor , you can do things to improve it. Start by getting copies of your credit report. Read the report so that you understand it. And, make sure the information in the report is correct. You have the right to change information that is wrong.

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