Dispute the information in your report

Try these tools:

Use this tool to write a letter to a business to complain about a product or service.

Use this letter-writing tool to complain about a product or service.

If there is information in your file that is wrong or that should not be in your report, you should send the agency a letter that explains what is wrong and ask that it be fixed or removed. This is called ‘disputing a debt'.

You do not have to pay a fee to do this and you do not need to pay a  to do this for you.

You should be specific about what is wrong or not complete, and tell them what the correct information is. The letter should also ask that the agency fix the report, and that a copy of the letter be kept in your file.

If you have any proof that you have paid the debt, you should include it with the letter. For example, if your landlord is claiming you owe them rent that you have already paid, you can send the agency a copy of your rent receipts.

If there is information in your that you don't recognize, this could be a sign of identity theft. For example, if you see a debt that you do not recognize, someone may have opened an account in your name.

If you notice that someone has opened an account in your name, you should tell the consumer reporting agencies and the company or store that the account is with as soon as possible. Check back to make sure that the debt is removed from your report.

You should also tell the if your report was given to someone you didn't authorize, or who didn't give you notice that they would be looking at your credit report. This can also be a sign that someone is trying to steal your identity.

When the consumer reporting agency gets your complaint about your report, it must:

  • confirm the information in the report is correct,
  • change the information so that it is complete and correct, or
  • delete it from your file.

To dispute a debt on your TransUnion report, call 1-8000-663-9980. You can also dispute a debt by mail by following the directions and downloading the form on their website.

To dispute a debt on your Equifax report, complete their online form and mail it to one of the offices listed on the form. Make sure you read all the directions on the bottom of the form.

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