Learn about when you must receive your product or service

Try these tools:

Use this tool to write a letter to a business to complain about a product or service.

Use this letter-writing tool to complain about a product or service.

The seller has to deliver any products or start any services they sold in a reasonable time period.

Your contract should give you a date when you can expect to get your products or services. The company has 30 days from that date to provide the services or product to you. If they don't give you what you paid for on time, you can cancel the contract at any time before they deliver the product or start the services.

If your contract doesn't give a date on which you can expect the products or services, the company has 30 days from the date you signed the contract to deliver the products or services.

In both cases, if you accept the products or services after the 30-day period, you lose your right to cancel the contract because of late delivery or services.

But there still might be other reasons you can cancel the contract.

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