Someone asked me for a credit check. What does this mean?

Learn who can see your credit report


You can ask for a free copy of your once a year. Consumer reporting agencies must mail you a free copy of your report if you ask them to. You can also get your report online, but you might have to pay for that. You usually have to pay to get your .

You can ask a for a list of everyone who has asked about your report in the last 3 years. You can also ask for a list of everyone who has received:

  • from your credit report in the last year, or
  • credit information from your credit report in the last 6 months.

Consumer reporting agencies are not allowed to charge you for giving you this information. 

Other people or companies

Your credit report might be used by different companies and people, including:

  • landlords
  • employers (in some cases)
  • credit card companies
  • car leasing companies and car dealerships
  • cell phone companies
  • insurance companies

Most other people or companies can only see your credit report if you give them your permission in writing.

Some businesses may also be able to check your credit report if you are making an agreement with them, and they tell you that they will be checking your credit report.

Most applications for credit include a statement that gives the company permission to see your credit report once you sign the application. For example, a credit card company will check your credit report if you want to get a new card. An application to rent an apartment often gives the landlord authorization to check your credit report. 

The government and courts

Government agencies may need to check your credit report for different reasons. For example, the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services might use your credit report to see if you are eligible for a benefit like social assistance.

A court can also order a consumer reporting agency to give your credit report to someone.

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