1. Find out if Ontario’s laws about unions apply to you

Ontario's Labour Relations Act talks about what a has to do for its members. If you're covered by the Act, you can make a complaint against your union to the Ontario Labour Relations Board (Labour Board).

But the Act does not apply to unions in industries that are covered by federal laws. These are laws made by the Government of Canada and they apply throughout the country.

These industries include banks, airlines, some trucking businesses, and broadcasting.

Workers and unions in these industries are covered by the Canada Labour Code. Check with the Government of Canada’s Labour Program for information about your rights under the Canada Labour Code. Or call the Labour Program, Ontario Region at 1-800-641-4049.

Associations that are not unions

The law says that some workers do not have the right to join unions. But they can create an association that bargains with their employer about things like , hours of work, and overtime pay.

These associations are not unions and their members do not have the same rights as union members under the Labour Relations Act.

For example, they can't make a complaint to the Ontario Labour Relations Board if their association does not help them when they have a problem with their employer.

But there may be some things that members can do if their association won't help them. It's important to get legal advice to find out the options.

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