Do I get to keep tips that I get from customers at work?

1. Find out if Ontario’s laws about wages apply to you

Ontario's (ESA) has minimum standards that employers must follow. This includes rules about .

Use the Ministry of Labour's online tool called Industries and Jobs with Exemptions or Special Rules to find out if your job is covered by the ESA and which parts of the ESA apply.

You can also call the Ministry's Employment Standards Information Centre at 1-800-531-5551, 416-326-7160, or 1-866-567-8893 (TTY).

Federal laws

Some industries are covered by federal laws. These are laws made by the Government of Canada and they apply throughout the country.

These industries include banks, airlines, some trucking businesses, and broadcasting.

Workers in these industries are covered by the Canada Labour Code. Like the ESA, the Canada Labour Code sets out minimum standards employers must follow.

If you're covered by the Canada Labour Code, some of the pay rules under the ESA apply to you. For example, the minimum wage rates.

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