Can I get EI if my employer fired me for doing something wrong?

2. Collect evidence

You should think about what evidence you can get to support your side of the story. For example, you might know other people who can say what happened. You might have documents or other proof to show that the real reason you were fired was not .

You can write a letter explaining your side of the story and send it in with your EI application. The letter should explain the evidence you have that supports your side of the story.

It's a good idea to get legal advice from a lawyer or a community legal clinic. You can get information from the Workers’ Action Centre.

When you go to an appointment with a lawyer or the Workers Actions Centre, it is helpful to bring:

  • your employment contract, if you have one
  • any paperwork your employer gave you when you were fired, including your
  • letters, memos, or emails that might help to show why you were fired
  • any notes you made about things that happened at work, for example, if you were treated in a way that goes against your human rights
  • contact information for co-workers or other people who saw or heard things that could help you show why you were fired
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