Do I get time off for illnesses and other personal emergencies?

2. Find out how you can use personal emergency leave

You can use personal emergency leave if you:

  • are sick or injured
  • have a medical emergency

A medical emergency includes surgery that's set up in advance, if you need it for medical reasons.

Time off because of a family member

You can use personal emergency leave because a family member:

  • is sick or injured
  • has a medical emergency
  • has an “urgent matter”

What’s an “urgent matter”

Something is an urgent matter if:

  • it wasn't planned and it's out of your control, and
  • there could be serious problems if nothing is done to deal with it.

Here are some examples of what might be an urgent matter:

  • your babysitter cancels and there's no one to look after your child
  • your child is having problems at school and you have to have a meeting at the school during your work hours
  • a family member dies
  • you have an elderly parent with Alzheimer's disease and their neighbour calls you to say that your parent is being evicted and the locks are being changed
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