What happens after I start a claim with the Ministry of Labour?

3. Consider your options before agreeing to anything

The Employment Standards Officer (ESO) might suggest that you and your employer agree to settle your claim. The ESO might ask you to agree to accept less than what your employer owes you. You don't have to agree to this.

You might not want to agree to a lesser amount. Or you might want time to think about it. You can agree to settle with your employer at any time. So if you're not sure what to do, you might want to get legal advice to help you decide.

If you do agree to settle, you and your employer must tell the Ministry of Labour what you have agreed to. You can do this by filling out and signing the Ministry's Notice of Settlement forms.

When you give these forms to the Ministry, they stop looking into your claim.

If your employer does not do what they agreed to do, you can contact the ESO who made the decision about your claim and they can continue looking into your claim.

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