How do I complain to the OLRB if I was punished for complaining about safety?

3. File your application with the OLRB

After you give a copy of your application to your employer, you only have 5 days to give your application to the Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB). This is called “filing” your application.

The OLRB usually only accepts e-filing. The OLRB has a list of frequently asked questions about e-filing. If you can't e-file, contact a Client Services Representative to ask about other options.

You must send the OLRB your application documents and proof that you have given your employer a copy of your application. Keep your original application documents in a safe place in case the OLRB asks for them later.

Make sure you fill out all the information that they ask for. You must also write a date on the forms.

Keep a copy of your application for yourself. You will need it if you have a consultation or hearing.

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