3. Get a response

Someone from Service Canada will contact you to discuss your claim. This will not be the same person who made the decision you do not agree with. You will have a chance to give them any new information you have and to explain why you think the decision should be changed. It's a good idea to take notes when you speak to them.

Service Canada might also contact your employer, especially if you were refused benefits because you quit or were fired for .

You should be prepared to explain any differences between your story and your employer's story. Review any notes you took about what happened when you lost your job. If you don't think you explained yourself well enough over the phone, you can write a letter to Service Canada and give them more information about how you lost your job.

Service Canada will review:

  • any new information you provide
  • the original decision and all information in the file

There are no formal hearings during this process and there is no set time for Service Canada to complete their review.

After reviewing your claim, Service Canada might decide to keep the original decision or change it in some way. Service Canada will tell you their decision in a letter.

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