I made a Small Claims Court claim against my employer. What do I do next?

3. Go to the settlement conference

If you have a lawyer or paralegal, they should come with you. Witnesses don't come to the settlement conference.

What happens at the settlement conference

You have to be able to explain:

  • why you're suing your former employer
  • what happened
  • why they owe you the amount you're claiming
  • what evidence you have to support your claim

There's more information about what you can use as evidence in Step 4.

You don't have to agree to anything at the settlement conference if you don't want to. But you must go to it. And make sure to bring any documents that relate to your claim.

If you don't agree and you want to go ahead with your claim, you have to ask the court to set a date for a trial. You do this by filling out a form called Notice to Set Action Down for Trial. The gives you this form and you file it at the court office.

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