3. Send in your Intent to Object Form on time

You should send your Intent to Object Form as soon as possible after you get your decision letter and decide you disagree with the decision. You should also think about getting legal help.

The deadline to submit the Intent to Object Form is different based on the type of decision:

  • 30 calendar days for a return to work decision
  • 6 months for any other type of decision

Your decision letter will say exactly how much time you have to a decision. You must submit your Intent to Object Form before the deadline, even if you are still waiting for an answer about your reconsideration request. The WSIB is very strict about this deadline, so make sure you submit your Intent to Object Form on time for each WSIB decision that you want to appeal.

If you miss the deadline you might lose your right to appeal. You can still write to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) and explain why you missed it. They may still allow you to appeal a decision.

The WSIB can extend the deadline to appeal your decision.

To decide whether to extend the deadline the WSIB may look at whether:

  • you or your immediate family member were having serious health problems
  • you had to leave the province or country because you or someone in your family was very sick or died
  • you were actually told about the time limit to appeal

Giving the WSIB a good reason

The reasons listed above are just examples of when the WSIB might extend the deadline. The WSIB can consider other reasons as well. But, you need to give them a good reason why you didn't appeal the decision on time.

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