I didn’t have an accident but I hurt myself at work. What can I do?

3. Talk to your doctor and specialists

It's important that your doctor understands your work duties and your workplace. That way the doctor can tell you and the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) if something in your work is causing or making your symptoms worse.

To have enough time to talk about your work duties, you may have to make more than one appointment with your doctor.

Make sure to bring a detailed description of your work duties to the appointment. This could be something that you got from your employer, something you wrote, or both.

If your doctor thinks that you can work, you can ask your doctor to fill out a WSIB Functional Abilities Form to provide to your employer. The WSIB Functional Abilities Form includes information about your abilities and restrictions. The WSIB pays your doctor to fill it out.

Keeping information about symptoms up to date

If you make a claim to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB), you may need to get updated information about your symptoms from your doctor. This is because these types of cases:

  • can be very complicated
  • your injury and symptoms can change over time

When the WSIB decides about your claim, it's important that they have information that is up to date.

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