Should I be paid for training or for working a trial shift?

3. Try to get wages from an employer

If an employer did not pay you for training or a trial shift, you might be able to get the by making a claim with the Ministry of Labour.

You have up to 2 years to make a claim from the date the employer owed you the wages.

Get help

It's a good idea to get legal advice from a lawyer or a community legal clinic. You can also get information from the Workers’ Action Centre.

When you go to an appointment with a lawyer or the Workers' Action Centre, it's helpful to bring:

  • your employment contract, if you have one
  • any paperwork the employer gave you about the training or trial shift
  • time sheets or notes showing the dates and hours spent at training or trial shifts
  • any notes you made about other things that happened at work, for example, if you were treated in a way that goes against your human rights
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