Can I get time off work for a family sickness or other crisis?

4. Find out about child death or disappearance leave

If you have to care for someone with COVID-19, you may qualify for the Canada Recovery Caregiving Benefit. It gives $500 per week for up to 42 weeks. It is expected to be available until at least November 20, 2021. Read Who can get the Canada Recovery Caregiver Benefit (CRCB)? for more information.

People take crime-related child disappearance leave if their child, who is under 18 years of age:

  • has disappeared, and
  • it's likely that they disappeared because of a crime.

People take child death leave if their child, who is under 18 years of age, has died.

A child includes your stepchild, your foster child, and a child you're the legal guardian for.

A leave because of your child's death or crime-related disappearance can be up to 104 weeks.

To get either leave, you must have worked for your employer at least 6 months in a row.

Your employer can require you to give proof that you have a right to take the leave. For example, you might need to show your employer proof that there is a police report about your missing child.

Getting financial help

You might be able to get the Canadian Benefit for Parents of Young Victims of Crime for up to 35 weeks.

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