I came to Canada as a domestic worker. What are my rights?

5. Apply to become a permanent resident

If you're part of the Live-in Caregiver Program, you can apply to become a permanent resident after you work in Canada for 2 years.

How to qualify

There are 2 ways you can qualify to become a . You must do one of the following within 4 years of coming to Canada:

  • work full time for 24 months, while living in your employer's home, or
  • work full time for 3,900 hours. This can include up to 390 hours of overtime. You can work the 3,900 hours in as short a time as 22 months.

You cannot include any time when you're unemployed.

If you're outside of Canada for longer than the vacation time that's in your employment contract, you cannot count this extra time when you're away.

How to apply

To apply to be a , you have to fill out an application form and include a number of documents.

Talk to an immigration lawyer for more information or help.

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