What can I do if I’m being harassed at work?

Find out if Ontario’s laws apply

Most employers in Ontario must follow the Ontario Human Rights Code. The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario deals with complaints against these employers.

For example, is against Ontario's human rights laws if it's because of:

  • your race, colour, ancestry, ethnic origin, citizenship, or where you were born
  • your religious beliefs
  • a physical or mental , including an addiction
  • your sex or gender
  • your sexual orientation, , or
  • having children, planning to have children, or being pregnant
  • your marital status, for example, married, divorced, single, or living common-law
  • your age

But some industries are covered by federal laws. These are laws made by the Government of Canada and they apply throughout the country. These industries include banks, airlines, some trucking businesses, and broadcasting. The Government of Canada website has a more complete list.

Employers in these industries must follow the Canada Labour Code. The Canadian Human Rights Commission deals with complaints against these employers.

Most workers in Ontario are also covered by the rules in Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act. These include rules about harassment at work. There's information about this in a separate question.

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