How can I change our safety policies at work?

Know the role of health and safety reps and Health and Safety Committee

Both the health and safety representative and Joint Health and Safety Committee must:

  • inspect your workplace for safety issues at least once a month
  • meet at least once every 3 months
  • recommend to your employer ways to improve safety
  • get information from your employer about dangerous materials and safety
  • get information from your employer about safety tests for equipment and materials in the workplace
  • help your employer investigate accidents and injuries
  • respond to your safety complaints or questions

Your health and safety representative or your representative from the Joint Health and Safety Committee can:

  • give you information about health and safety issues in your workplace
  • listen to your ideas for changes in the workplace and pass them on to your employer
  • help you deal with safety issues or help you to work with an inspector from the Ministry of Labour
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