1. Fill out your court forms

What is a motion without consent in family law and what happens at one?
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1. Fill out your court forms

If you're bringing the motion, you need to fill out:

  • Form 14: Notice of Motion, where you list the orders you want the court to make; or a Form 14B: Notice of Motion if you're asking for a procedural order such as more time to file your documents.
  • Form 14A: Affidavit, where you tell the court why you're asking for those orders and include your evidence. Your evidence must be sworn or affirmed. This means you promise that the information in the document is true. It is against the law to not tell the truth when swearing or affirming an affidavit.

You may also need to fill out:

You need to call the court or go to the courthouse to ask the court clerk for a date when the judge will hear your motion. You write this date on your Form 14: Notice of Motion.

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Reviewed: August 19, 2020

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