2. Give your forms to the FRO

You must the (FRO) at least four days before your date. If you have less than four days, make sure you serve them as soon as possible.

This means you have to give a copy of your documents to the FRO so that they know about your court date and the evidence you will be using at court. There is a guide on how to serve documents.

You can do this by fax, mail, or delivery:

Fax: 416-240-2402


Legal Services Branch
Family Responsibility Office
Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services
7th Floor – 125 Sir William Hearst Avenue
North York, ON
M3M 0B5

After you serve your forms on the FRO, you must fill out a Form 6B: Affidavit of Service. This form tells the court that you gave the FRO a copy of your documents. It must be filed with the court. There is a guide on how to file documents.

An Affidavit must be sworn or affirmed. This means you are promising that the information in the document is true. It is against the law to not tell the truth when you swear or affirm your Affidavit.

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