3. Take your forms to court

After you the (FRO), take your original documents to the courthouse and them.

You file your documents at the court counter with the help of the . There is a guide on how to file documents.

You must file your documents at least four days before your court date. If you have less than four days, make sure you file your documents as soon as possible.

You need to file your:

Your court file is called the continuing record. It has all the important documents in your case that you want the judge to look at.

The continuing record has 2 parts:

  • The endorsement volume has all the endorsements and court orders the judge made in your case. An is the written directions a judge gives you and your partner that says what you must do or not do.
  • The documents volume has most of the documents you and your partner file in your case. For example, your Applications, Answers, Replies, affidavits of service, financial statements, motions, and affidavits.

When you add a document to the continuing record, you also have to update the table of contents by listing each document you're filing. Court staff can help you make a continuing record and may help you figure out where a document goes.

If you have a , you may not have a continuing record yet. In that case, the court may ask you to create one.

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