What is a trial management conference in my family case and what happens at one?

4. Go to your trial management conference

At your , you and your partner, and your lawyers if you have them, meet with a judge one last time before trial.

The goals of a trial management conference are to:

  1. to confirm how much time the trial will take, and
  2. to give you and your partner one last chance to resolve your issues before going to trial.

At the trial management conference the judge:

  • tries to find a way for you to settle your case
  • looks at your evidence
  • talks about witnesses and evidence you plan to use in your trial
  • reviews the trial process
  • works with you to figure out how long your trial will take

You have to bring a list of the witnesses you plan to call at trial and what you expect them to say. If you plan on being a , put your name on the list.

You should only call witnesses who:

  • have important information that will help the judge decide your case
  • can give evidence that support the orders you want the judge to make
  • have important information that goes against your partner's case

You also have to bring a list of the documents you plan to use at your trial. The documents you want as evidence must be originals and relevant to your case. Examples of documents include bank account records, report cards, and real estate documents.

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