What are my rights to receive health care services in French?

2. Contact your HCCSS

In Ontario, Home and Community Care Support Services (HCCSS) are the organizations that manage local services provided by:

  • hospitals
  • community health centres
  • long-term care homes
  • mental health and addiction agencies
  • community support service agencies

These organizations used to be called Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs).

French Language Services Coordinator

Every HCCSS has a French Language Services Coordinator. Ask the French Language Services Coordinator in your area where you can access French services.

The French Language Service Coordinator can also can help you:

  • identify your health problem and the best options for you
  • find out if you’re eligible for government-funded services and places
  • find out about home care, community support services, and residential care
  • arrange government-funded home and community support services
  • apply for a day program, supportive housing, an assisted living program, or a chronic or rehabilitation bed in a specific agency
  • apply for a long-term care home
  • get on waiting lists for services you need

There is no charge for any professional, personal support, or homemaking service provided through a HCCSS.

You can contact your local HCCSS for more information in French or English. But you can only get health services in French if the health service provider is a designated agency or they have staff who speak French.

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