2. Fill out a Form 2

If your loved one's situation fits Box A or Box B, you can get and fill out a Form 2 – Order for Examination.  You can get a Form 2 online or at any Ontario Court of Justice.

Think carefully before you ask for a Form 2 order. In most cases, your loved one can find out who asked for the Form 2. And this can harm your relationship with them.

Information you need

Form 2 asks for details such as:

  • your name and address
  • your loved one's name and address, if you know it
  • whether your loved one's situation fits Box A or Box B

If your loved one can make their own health-care decisions, you must select Box A. If they're not able to make their health-care decisions, you select Box B.

You also have to show why your loved one's situation fits the behaviour described in Box A or Box B. You can do this in writing or verbally when you meet the Justice of the Peace (JP) to ask them to sign your form. The form must be sworn or affirmed, which means that you promise the information in it is true before you sign it.

These types of information can be helpful to explain your loved one's behaviour to the JP:

  • mental health diagnoses
  • mental health history, including any time spent in a
  • any history of violence towards other people
  • any history of hurting themselves on purpose
  • any history of suicide attempts or comments they've made about suicide
  • any threats they've made
  • any signs that they're unable to take care of themselves

You can also attach documents you have as , for example:

  • from a hospital or psychiatric facility
  • psychological or psychiatric reports
  • police reports
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