2. Make an appeal to the Social Security Tribunal

If you don't agree with Service Canada's of your application for benefits, you can usually appeal to the . You make your appeal to the Tribunal's General Division.

But you can appeal to the Tribunal only after you get a reconsideration decision.

The Tribunal must get your appeal within 90 days of the day you find out about the reconsideration decision.

For example, if you get the reconsideration decision on September 3, the first day of the 90 days would be September 3. This means that you must appeal the decision by December 1.

If the last day that you can appeal is a Saturday or Sunday, you have until the Monday to appeal. If the last day is a holiday, you have until the next business day.

Getting legal help

Appealing a decision can be difficult. Try to get legal help. If you can't afford a lawyer, you may be able to get help from a community legal clinic.

How to appeal

You must complete the Notice of Appeal.

In the Notice, include why you think the reconsideration decision was wrong. Keep your reasons as simple as possible, and talk about the fact that you were disabled at the time being considered, and will continue to be disabled into the future.

You must attach a copy of your reconsideration decision to the Notice. If you can't find your reconsideration decision, you can contact Service Canada to get a copy. You can contact a local office or call 1-800-622-6232.

You should attach any documents that support the reasons why you think that you should be getting . You must file your documents within 20 months of filing your Notice to Appeal. If you are late sending in your documents, you will have to ask the Tribunal to accept them and explain why they are late.

You can send the Notice to the Tribunal by mail, fax, or email.

Sending in your Notice of Appeal is called “filing”.

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