3. Ask a Justice of the Peace to sign your Form 2

Justice of the Peace offices are located in the court. Find the court nearest you that has one. You don't need an appointment to meet a JP and ask them to sign a Form 2 – Order for Examination. You can go there during business hours and ask to meet them. There is no fee.

When you go to the court, take any you have that supports your request. If you don't have evidence, you will still have a chance to speak to the JP about why you're concerned for your loved one.,

When you get to court, ask the JP's office for a blank Form 2, fill it out, and give it to the staff at the JP's office along with any evidence you have. Then wait for your turn to meet with the JP.

Because of COVID-19, it's best to check with your local court about the process to get a signed Form 2.

After the JP reviews all the information, they may ask you questions. They then decide whether to sign your Form 2.

The JP’s decision

If the JP believes that you've given enough information for either Box A or Box B on Form 2, then they sign your Form 2. If you get a signed Form 2, you have to take it to the police quickly as a signed Form 2 is only valid for 7 days.

If the JP thinks you've not given enough information or didn't have enough evidence for either Box A or Box B, they don't sign your Form 2.

If this happens, and you feel that you have more information to support your application, you can fill out another Form 2 and include those details.

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