5. Understand the ACT option

A (CTO) may not be your only option to leave the facility and get treated at home. An Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Team may be another option.

An ACT team is made up of different professionals and may include people like a:

  • doctor
  • social worker
  • nurse
  • job or employment counselor
  • addictions counselor

Each member of the ACT team supports you to try and make sure your plan is working for you.

The ACT option may work better than a CTO for some patients. The ACT option helps patients who:

  • find it difficult to follow a CTO treatment plan
  • don't like the rules or structure of a CTO
  • need more help than what the CTO gives

Not every patient can get an ACT or needs one. Even if your doctor agrees to a CTO, they may not agree to an ACT. You can ask your doctor if the ACT option is possible in your case.

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