Find out when your benefits might stop

Your stop once any of the following happen:

  • you turn 65 years of age or start getting a
  • you go back to work
  • you are able to work on a regular basis and make more than the amount set by CPP
  • you go back to school full-time, in some cases

If your benefits stop, you can appeal the decision.

If you go back to work or school, you must tell CPP about it. If you don't and CPP finds out you did, they may say that they have overpaid you. This means you would be required to pay back the money with interest. They may also charge you in court for breaking the law.

If you're 60 to 64 years old and getting a CPP retirement pension, you may be able to switch it to a CPP disability benefit.

If your disability comes back after you return to work, you may be able to start getting without going through the full application process. See the step called “Find out how to restart your benefits if your disability returns after you go back to work.”

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