Can I work or go to school if I’m getting CPP disability benefits?

Learn about having your benefits reviewed

When you're getting disability benefits, the government may do a review to see if you're still eligible to get the benefits.

This is called a “reassessment”. They will often do it if you say you are going back to school full time, if you make more than the amount set by CPP, or if you go back to work.

CPP can do a reassessment at any time, even if you haven't given them new information. But, random reassessments are rare.

Service Canada handles applications for and does reassessments.

Giving more information

During the reassessment, Service Canada may ask you for more information about your disability and whether you're able to work.

For example, they may ask you:

  • for a new doctor's report
  • if you've been working since you started getting CPP disability benefits

Make sure that you give them this information as soon as possible. If you don't, your CPP disability benefits may stop.

Getting a decision in writing

When Service Canada has all of the information they need, they'll make a decision and send it to you in writing. You always get a decision in writing about whether you'll continue to get benefits.

If you disagree with the decision, you can appeal.

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