Learn what happens if the CPP approves your application

If the approves your application for disability benefits, you can start getting payments as early as 4 months after your disability started.

If the CPP does not approve your application, you can appeal.

Getting your payments

If you have had your disability for more than 4 months when the CPP approves your application, you may get “retroactive payments”.

This means that the CPP pays you money that you were eligible for before they approved your application. CPP can find you to be disabled up to 15 months before the date of your application.

Retroactive payments are calculated to start 4 months after the date CPP determines you became eligible for benefits because of your disability. This means the most you can get are 11 months of retroactive payments.

CPP disability payments can go directly into your bank account. You must have an account that's in your name. Or, if you have a joint account, you must be one of the account owners.

How much you get

There are 2 parts to the CPP disability benefit:

  • a basic amount
  • an extra amount that depends on your

In 2024, the most someone can get is around $1,606.78 a month.

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