How do I give notice to move out of a retirement home or care home?

1. Figure out if you live in a care home

It doesn't matter if the place you rent is called a or not. Under the law, it is a care home if it provides care services to tenants. Care services include:

  • nursing care
  • supervision of prescription drugs
  • an emergency response system
  • help getting from place to place
  • incontinence care
  • assistance with daily activities, such as eating, bathing, dressing, and personal hygiene

You may get meals, housekeeping, and recreational services where you live, but that is not enough to make it a care home. A care home must have at least one of the care services from the list above.

A is a common type of care home where most of the residents are at least 65 years old.

You are a care home tenant if getting care services was one of the reasons you moved in.

The following places are not care homes:

  • hospitals
  • long-term care homes, such as licensed nursing homes and homes for the aged run by municipalities or Indian Band Councils

If you are not sure if your place is a care home, try to get help from your local community legal clinic.

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