What if my landlord harasses me or invades my privacy?

1. Fill out the basic information on the Board’s application form

If your landlord will not stop the , you can apply to the Board using the Form T2 – Application about Tenant Rights. You can download and print it from the Board's website. You can also fill in and file the form online (“e-file”).

Part 1 of the form asks for basic information about you and your landlord, and the address of the rental unit. Your landlord might be a person or a company.

Make sure you identify your landlord correctly. If you are not sure who your landlord is, you can name whoever you make your rent cheques out to.  You can also look at a copy of your agreement or any other letters or notices from your landlord.

If the Board does make an against your landlord, you might have a problem enforcing it if the name is not exactly right.

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