1. Tell your landlord about the problem

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Housing Law - Paying rent
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Can I withhold rent to get my landlord to do something?
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1. Tell your landlord about the problem

Make sure your landlord knows about your complaint. Tell your landlord what is wrong and ask them to correct it. Keep notes for yourself about when you talked to your landlord and what each of you said.

If the problem continues, put your complaint in writing. Write exactly what you want the landlord to do to correct the problem. Give a copy to your landlord and make sure to keep a copy for yourself.

If your landlord has a special form for repair requests, fill one out and keep a copy for yourself.

It is sometimes helpful to take photos of the problem. Put the date on the photos.

Illustrated Repair Request Form for Tenants with drawings
Repair Request Form for Tenants

Use this form to tell your landlord what needs to be fixed.

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Reviewed: October 31, 2017

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