What problems can I apply to the LTB about?

1. Try other ways to solve the problem

When you make an to the , you are starting a legal process.  Before you do that, think about whether you've tried other ways to get your problem solved.

Make sure your landlord knows about the problem

For most types of problems, you should first make sure your landlord knows about it. Tell your landlord what is wrong and ask to have the problem fixed. Keep notes for yourself about when you talked to your landlord and what each of you said.

Usually it is better to write a letter or email to your landlord asking them to fix the problem. Make sure to keep a copy for yourself. Or, if your landlord has a special form for repair requests or other complaints, fill one out and keep a copy.

See if there is someone who can get involved

If you can't get your landlord to fix something, you can call your local property standards or enforcement department.

If your landlord is not respecting your rights as a tenant, for example by harassing you or invading your privacy, the Rental Housing Enforcement Unit of the provincial government might be able to help.

If your landlord collected illegal rent or another illegal charge from you like a damage , you could write the landlord a letter. Ask them to repay you the money they owe you within one week. Keep a copy of the letter or email.

If you have a low income, a community legal clinic might be able to help by talking to your landlord for you or writing a letter to them. If you are a post-secondary student, a Student Legal Service Organizations (SLSO) might be able to help you as well.

If your landlord has discriminated against you, the Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation or the Human Rights Legal Support Centre might be able to speak to or write to your landlord for you.

Don’t stop paying the rent

Usually, it is safest to keep paying your rent while you are trying to get your landlord to deal with any problems. If you do not pay all of your rent for any reason, your landlord can try to have you evicted.

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