What if my landlord wants to evict me for disturbing others?

2. Check for problems with the notice

The Board can dismiss your landlord's case if there are problems with the that your landlord gave you. At the hearing, you should tell the Board if:

  • you did not receive the N5 at least 20 days before the (the date your landlord wants you to move out), or 14 days if this is not your first N5 in 6 months
  • you did not receive the Form N7 at least 10 days before the date
  • the N5 did not say that you had 7 days to correct the problem, if it is your first N5 in 6 months
  • the N5 or N7 did not give enough details for you to know what the landlord says you are doing wrong
  • your landlord gave you a Form N7 but your landlord doesn't live in your building or there are more than 3 living units in your building
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